Policy & Objectives

Quality Control

A strong and consistent system of quality control is a significant requirement in delivering high quality audit services. Independence, Integrity, Objectivity, and Ethical Values are cornerstone of Attinkom’s culture. Our Code of Conduct incorporates our values and defines the standards of ethical conduct. Our Values are embedded into working practices and considered in the performance appraisal process. All employees and contracted staff (personnel) shall abide by the quality control policies and procedures applicable to a firm's accounting and auditing practices. Elements of Quality Control Policies and Procedures includes the following.

  • . Independence, Integrity, and Objectivity
  • . Personnel Management
  • . Acceptance and Continuance of Clients and Engagements
  • . Engagement Performance
  • . Monitoring

Our firm's corporate culture, structure, policies, and procedures support our professionals so that they can provide a high level of audit quality in an independent, objective, and ethical way, thus maintaining the trust of public and stakeholders alike. As businesses and markets evolve, we pledge to keep pace by investing in our people and in the development necessary to maintain audit quality. A constant focus on changing public and regulatory expectations will also be maintained.

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